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geoLook 3p
geoLook 3p enables exporting of georeferenced raster images from any available wms base map. Now available on Windows, Linux and OSX. Full cross platform functionality.
Transform .kml to GGRS87 .dxf

.geojson GGRS87 to .kml

Create profile from xlsx file

web plot
Try web plot online, to generate print ready scaled pdf maps. Just select your vector file (kml, dxf, shp), the desired background, paper size (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4) and scale.
Kml tools, hatt2egsa and geolook are autocad add-ons that simplify specific tasks. Feel free to explore.
cad add-ons
geo point
Latitude (φ)
Longitude (λ)
ΕΓΣΑ 87' - Χ
ΕΓΣΑ 87' - Υ
ED_50 - UTM - X
ED_50 - UTM - Y
UTM - Zone
ED_50 - MGRS
WGS 84 - UTM - X
WGS 84 - UTM - Y
UTM - Zone